Roses and Petals For E With Love (A Once Upon A Time Affair)

Roses and petals
Do you begrudge bees humming on nectars ?
Or the dancing moth to the flame?
E, these are habits hard to tame

Today, watch as the hands of time reach forth
Relieve memories from that baby’s cot
The days of tweedling fingers and freckled face
Latent with brimming beauty and regal grace

Many be a lady-in-waiting
But you, marked the Heaven without hesitating
‘Oh what a jolly good fellow’
The Heavens exclaimed without the accompaniment of a cello

Blow out the candles
Close your eyes
Make a wish
What do you see?
Confetti of love all around
Warm hugs and kisses
Lingering scents and sundry wishes
From me, it’s roses and petals all year round
Today, tomorrow and always…


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