Hell or High Water Perfect (II)


Mimi lay on the other side of the bed now. Her back was turned against him.  A sea of space lay between them. She was within arm’s length but she might just as well be on the other side of the continent as far between as Nigeria is from the United States. The air around them was heavy with tension. He wasn’t sure if it was safe to cross to her side .He was pretty certain of what befell Pharaoh’s legion in the middle of the Red Sea. He would hate to be caught in that situation. The stiffness in his groin was beginning to spread an unholy heat around his body. He knew Mohammed would have to go over to this impassive mountain.

“Mimi baby,” he cooed seductively into her ears. He was rebuffed by her silence. He snuggled closer to her side of the bed, a little beyond the embankment of pillows she had coyly mounted to fence herself in like the Great Wall of friggin’ Communist China.

“What is the matter?” he asked the forbidden question. An ice breaker.  She didn’t even stir.

“Come on Mi,” he climbed over the cushion ridge, the ever dogged Mongolian intruder.


The scent of her body teased his senses to no end. He flung the pillows aside and set his head against the nape of her neck. Her smooth skin felt like velvet to the touch. Some primal energy from his core whooshed through him like a dry sirooco wind through the Sahara. His throats suddenly felt dry, the rivulet of his salivary gland dammed.  An urgent desire arose in him to draw from the well of her mouth for fluid like a child’s innate craving for her mother’s nipple.  He felt the heat from different part of his body assembling like pockets of fire in that part of his brain responsible for pleasure.

Rapture, cloud nine.An image of heaven flashed before his mind.


Oh  God. Heaven is here!

The negligee was getting in the way.  The damn sexy armor! Who needs a sexy robe when sex is in the air?  What had sounded like a misnomer then in a moment of lucidity, made clear meaning in the sizzling heat of the moment.   An armor, the negligee had proven to be indeed! Mimi didn’t make it any easier; she just lay there like a log.

Suddenly he felt her tense under his wild groping. This realization was so sudden; it hit him like a blow. She had been remarkably dormant in this duel tangling while he’d been wantonly lost in his own desire to notice. His passionate ardor for sex was momentarily doused.  She made no movement and if she felt the fuzzy warmth of his breath and kisses on her body, she did not react.  He knew then that it was going to be a tough night. He could sense her eyes closed but he knew she watched his every move like a hawk. She was out to torture him. He had to thread this minefield carefully.  

This is enemy zone.

One good thing though was that she had not resisted him outrightly. That has to count for something, he rationalized.


I can do this.

He marshaled his thoughts back into tripping her with his charm.

“How is this for a perfect number”, he cleared his throat to pick the right key for a Boyz II Men’s tune she loved.

“I’ll make love to you like you want me to like you want me to…” he sang into her ears.

If she didn’t want to be made love to, this was her chance to voice out. Not a word.  Her eyes were still closed, but her breath had taken an uneven rhythm.   A loose cannon.

“Mimi I love you.” he said.

That did it.


Like a wild cat, she flew out of bed knocking him off at the chin.  It was an inadvertent motion but could have been done deliberately for the fury that glowed on her face. He reeled away in pain. There was a moment of hesitation, like she was considering what to do with him.


Pound him harder or nurse his bruised ego and patch his lips with kisses.


Jide seized on the moment of hesitation and managed his sorry face act.

“You do?” she sneered at him.

“Oh baby, a million times over. With hell’s fury blazing hot and the chill of winter biting hard”, he dug into his poetic reserve. His jaw throbbed in pain.

Anything to get him some- some tonight.

“I’m not doing hell or high water with you tonight”, she replied defiantly.


“You heard me. No hell or high water ! No loving you till you are dead and all dust. I’m having none of it. I just saw the most beautiful expression of that saying today and it was done in full glare of family and friends. This is nothing close to it,” she waived her hands frantically, “I’m tired of this”.

“What do you want from me?” he countered, visibly hurt.

“Do the right thing Jide. Put a ring on it, Seal this union and let’s do away with the child’s play”.

“Child’s play?”, he said incredulously , “I can’t believe you just said that. Do I have to tell you again how much I love you?”

“No, you’ve told me that enough. It’s time to make it official.”

“Don’t I make you happy?”

“You make me happy Jide more than anything in this world. I can’t imagine my life without you.” She was sniffling now.

“Then why are you not okay with what we have?”

“What we have amounts to nothing if we don’t put a seal on it. I need to be assured that you will always be there for me in sickness and in health till death do us part.”

“And I promise you today Mimi like I have told you a million times before. I swear by it.”

“That won’t do”, she snapped. “Didn’t you feel any stirring at all today?  Marriage doesn’t undermine love. It is an expression of love. See how beautiful today was. Do you honestly think anything will change between Alex and Susan because they got married?”

“My point exactly, a rose by any other name would smell -”

“Keep Shakespeare away from this okay!” Mimi’s voice rose a pitch higher. “A rose by any other name- and you think companionship as you call it is a substitute for marriage?” Her eyes glowed  angrily in the dark.

“But it is just a name. Why complicate things?”

“Complicate? I actually think it is a very simple thing.”

Jide saw that the argument was going nowhere

“Is this about the bouquet?” he asked feigning ignorance.

“It is about everything. It is about doing the right thing. There is the right thing you know. This is about   making it perfect, hell or high water perfect! Fulfilling all righteousness Jide. It is called commitment and the proof of that promise is what we witnessed today.”

“Oh here we go again “, Jide said furious, horny and hopeless.

“What we have is nothing if you can’t make good of it. Nothing!” she picked up a pillow from the bed and made to leave.

“Baby I need you tonight” Jide said desperately.

“You can have the bed to yourself. I’ll sleep on the sofa “. She stormed out of the room, her fanny seductively waving him goodbye as she strode off.

“Damn it!” He banged his fist against the night stand sending the bed lamp flying off the table.

And how did it get so bad that he was losing Mimi for a companion? He recounted that Tuesday afternoon in May…


© Wole-Fash ‘Dimeji  2012.



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