My Man and His Muse

These nocturnal pilgrimages

Of merry tappings and drumming keys

A romantic spree

Some mutual rendezvous, my man and his muse

A goddess for a mistress?

Must be a literary fit or a spurt of madness

This nightly business

An amorous affair with the dainty goddess


On the gilded strait of Olympus

Mapped he a niche to hold a fort

Paths once thronged by the fairest of gods

Bestrode he gingerly like one of ‘em


These cold clammy nights

The bristling air, an icicle suspended from heaven’s dome

Bite to the quick with vicious claws and fangs

Even the fiery Sun bemoan in sweet repose

Lounging on star-speckled sheet in royal grandeur

The day is now draped in pithy darkness

Blank with a million eyes- a glistening allure

There’s nothing left but to play the frustrated temptress


 In ecstatic pleasure I lay

Flying with the stars on fluffy wings

Touching heaven as he plunged deep

Faster, faster, I moan till we crescendoed


 Adrift on a sea, spent and alone

Fresh longing licking at my interior like a tongue of fire

Battling with the chill, only a lover’s touch could atone

Tingles from your kiss afresh spurts feverish desire

To imagination, I beckon for the bounty it offers

No guard, no chaperones, just me and my lecherous  mind

The sinewy rapids, the muscular riffs, oh why bother!

 When this pony traveller knows no Cloud Nine


The subject of my musing, my man is only a feet away

Jerking on QWERTY tabs in orgasmic abandon

His muse, he says is ever faithful

Every night I contend with this faithful harlot, daughter of Zeus!


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