Terry, Time Brought Us Christmas!



On this gusty December day;

The year once young, now gray

I am sitting by my windowsill

With eyes set upon the frosty hill

In neon-lights, the street stretched before me

And you, my furry friend nudged at my knee

I picked you up and set you upon my laps

Tenderly smoothing your fur to calm your feisty nerves


“Oh Terry, my friend!

See those stars without end

And the streets festooned in seamless scenery

Though the garden now bleaches of its greenery

And the chill bristles your fur and freaks you out

We are still going to have that jolly night–out

On tender limbs, we’ll scurry through the dry patches

Through the City Cathedral and its Doric arches

Where this song, I subconsciously hum rings

Out loud, ‘Hark, the Herald the Angels Sing’”

Auld Lang Syne. I wistfully mused

But I can see that you cannot be moved

Warm fuzzy breath from your lithe body radiate

In sweet sleep while I in reverie meditate…


How Time was borne on the flapping wings of time

Hovering above all earthly climes

 In chameleon sash, Time sprightly bestrode

And as it journeys, it unfolds

Seasons in many patterns

Globally differentiated in disparate clans

Snow-capped  ranges in the Andes in June

Whilst florals and bikini-ladies thronged at noon

Miami beaches with a tan so deep

Brawny Time; Cronus pore thawed, he peed

Torrents on our land, hitherto hard-baked

Spreading shoots sprouting like snowflakes

It’s rainy season again!  We theorize

 As we plowed our fields for the labourer’s price


My friend, June may be far gone

 But Time is never close to being done

He would mop his brow and still the flow

The labourer can now take it slow

Not barring that Time stoop not so low

For the sun to set his bald crown aglow

For no one could stand the sun’s scorn

Time must swing past and sound its quiet horn

This whoosh that leaves my lips parched, my window pane dusty

From the Sahara, comes December fusty!


Don’t you remember this soothing tune?

Playing softly to the smiling moon

Silent Night Holy Night

Terry, you didn’t bark or squeal in fright

I remember, you my frisky friend

Delightfully to the song, attend


Was it not just last year?

That Time; unfailing, came to bear

This seasonal bop, like that of a fair

Songs of a partridge lodging on a pear…

This song, yet again rents the atmosphere

Like spores adrift in the air

And old Aunt Priscilia will soon be here

To regale us with tales from up there


See, the streets decked in red

And we won’t be needing a sled

Ding dong the angels hold sway

Sweet happy jingling all the way

I hear the news from yonder, Bethlehem!

In a manger found we a gem

Sheep blah and moo in their number

As baby Jesus, snugly wrapped, lay in sweet slumber

On his shoulders lay the royal edict

To reconcile all erring misfits

 To the father of all wisdom

As heirs to his Heavenly kingdom

His brow, in repose knitted like a Gordian knot

For this one cause, Heaven could not abort

Oh, sing Heavenly Muse

With the wisdom that you infuse

How the Magi came bearing gifts

Chaperoned by stars on heavenly stilts

Not that these waning stars compare

 but we shall have our fanfare

This Christmas

Before and after mass

This year

My dear!



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