CPR in a bar room






She smiled

I caught a whiff of Paradise

Roses and petals everywhere


Eyes locked, time froze still

 And hearts ; into lava melted

Love at first sight, maybe  

I couldn’t be sure


That fraction of atomic minute

From a rigid cast

Escaped, for one heady moment


The air, scented

With love’s sweetness

Set my giddy heart buzzing

Around the mantle of the love-comb


Nimble feet

Gingerly took to the fray

Harmonizing the heart’s rhythm

Closing gaps and leveling social kinks


My eyes

Stung to the quick

But I’ll die first before I blink

And have this angelic vision fizzled into ethers


Eyes set

My Adams apple added a ton

She smiled a crotchetful

That tone saying “Here’s another one”.


“Drop dead gorgeous”

Whistles and cat-calls from the bar

“God gracious!” followed another loser

A  recourse to the Divine from a bartender


Gaping holes

On floor flashing with disco light

Gallant struts become wobbly

Pockets of ammo on this shiny minefield


Bridge crossed

Blue eyes, alluring as the sea

Off the ledge my foot came

“You jump I jump”, to the deep I sunk



Losing buoyancy

The ultimate fall

Into the never-ending abyss


And I wonder

If the air in my lungs

Have emptied into the room

With I, floating in the ethers


The kiss of life

From the Doctor-Angel

The taste of roses and petals

In a CPR given in a bar-room.









7 thoughts on “CPR in a bar room

    1. I’m sure you could, but remember you have to fall flat on your face first before any lady who is worth her weight in virtue would give you a CPR and you gotta do it convincingly. Knock yourself out 🙂

  1. Midas as alwaz, weaving words, but why was the smile crochetful, womens smiles aren’t *indignant*. As to the addition to the Adam’s apple, that’s not a nice image… Lol. Interesting read.

    1. Thanks for dropping by …

      But ain’t you been a bit stereotypical here? Part of the poem’s intention is a strike at being unbashful. Like would you ever imagine a doctor in a bar room, talk less a beautiful female doctor (we are not talking Meredith Grey of the Grey’s Anatomy fame here o).
      The smile being ‘crotchetful’ was meant as a brush off (like you’ve never given a guy one of those “sod off” looks when they ogle you and you feel like they are not your type).
      You really wont understand how much weight that apple carries when you desperately want to push past it in excitement. It’s not a nice image but it’s a fitting image.

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